Space Girl Warrior Babes

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Space Girl Warrior Babes
The xxx space girl saga is presented with unique magazine style story and layouts, like ZACON SWAMP:
Deep in the valleys of Mount Shazoon lays the nasty pits and swamps of Zacon. Zacon gets it name from a legend told about a giant Swamp Dragon that was slayed hundreds of years ago by General Kain. It is also the location where XXXSpacegirls over the years have dissappeared never to be seen again. In these episodes we here finally the true name of the blue alien Xarcon and receive some details of his mission and purpose. Also in this XXXSpacegirls Chapter Jade Marcela escapes the clutches of the evil sexoids where she finds herself lost in miles of swamp. Also XXXSpacegirl Nina finds herself captive under the creature known as Ururak..

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